Creations By Sheilah

Types of Fabric


Denim Fabric - Faded whitish patches at creases, points of strain or hem edges.


Dimity Fabric - It has a raised warp giving a stripped effect to the fabric. It has a crisp texture.


Drill Fabric - It has a strong bias (diagonal) twill weave made with coarse yarns in a dense construction.


Flannel Fabric - A soft and fuzzy fabric. Also made of wool or cotton blend.


Gauze Fabric - Gauze is a thin, sheer and loosely woven plain-weave fabric made from cotton, wool or acetate.


Matelasse Fabric - The fabric's pattern gives a quilted puff effect.


Muslin Fabric - A plainly woven cotton fabric with a pure starched or backfilled finish to provide a dull, "clothy" effect.


Sheeting Fabric- A smooth flat and closely woven fabric. The quality is indicated by its thread count.


Terry Fabric - It is a pile weave or jacquard pattern fabric. The piles are either cut or uncut.


Velvet Fabric - A warp-pile fabric with a soft, sturdy face created from dense loops that may or may not be cut.


Poplin Fabric - A coarse broadcloth with a pronounced horizontal rib.


Chintz Fabric - A lustrous, plain, closely woven cotton fabric available in a variety of colors and prints. A


glazed finish (usually permanent) provides the surface shine and the crisp hand. Chintz is smooth, embossed or quilted.


Chenille Fabric - Fabric with a fuzzy texture woven of a soft-tufted silk or cotton fiber.


Chambray Fabric - A light to medium weight, plainly woven cotton or linen with a colored warp and white filling yarns. This gives the fabric a frosted look.


Velour Fabric - It is thick, plush fabric with plain or satin ground. It is soft as velvet in a mix of smooth and ribbed textures. Characterised with uneven lengths that give a rough look. The uneven lengths of pile are usually two in number and it creates a light and shade area on the surface. It somewhat have a pebbled effect.


Voile Fabric - A crisp, sheer, and lightweight fabric.